July 27, 2012

Serpentine: Create Tight Turns and Prevent Off Courses

Besides looking very cool, the serpentine maneuver is a great way to create very tight turns, with the added benefit of preventing off courses. Take a look at the sequence below:

Serpentine for Tight Turns and Avoiding Off Courses


Without the serpentine, most dogs will head toward the tunnel after jump #2. Even if the dog doesn’t actually take the tunnel, a wide turn after jump #2 will create a bad approach to jump #3 and some dogs may even turn toward the off course dummy jump instead of turning toward the tunnel after jump #3. The serpentine kills two birds with one stone, tightening your turn at jump #2 and eliminating the tunnel trap.

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  • Great drill! My only concern was that if my dog failed to read the serp cue, or if I was late in giving it, then she would be driving toward a tunnel entrance in extension with me on a collision course between her and said tunnel entrance. Failure is not an option! (At least, not a pretty one…) But I have worked the serp drills previously posted here at Bad Dog Agility, so I gave it a go.
    Will I get to serp position in time? Will Gris and Gitchi read the cue and turn tight? WILL Susan’s knees survive this extreme serp??


    Susan Fraser, with Gris-Gris and Gitchi

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