August 5, 2014

The Growth of AKC Games

FAST entries saw moderate growth from 2007-2011. The stacked chart shows a large Novice class and a small Masters class in the first year (as expected) and over a few years developing into a large Masters class. The reduction of entries in 2012 and 2013 is most likely due to the addition of Time 2 Beat.
In just two years, Time 2 Beat has bypassed FAST in terms of number of entries. This may be due to the fact that anyone can enter the class making it attractive to advanced competitors as well as trial secretaries (who only need to add one additional course building to the schedule).
This chart shows that Time 2 Beat is being offered at more events than the FAST class.

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  • FAST entries have also dropped here in California because the dominant trial secretary doesn’t offer FAST any longer. There were not enough entries to make money from. Since we predominantly have gone to one judge trials with large and small dogs running at different times of the day, the later group would not enter FAST as FAST was normally run first.

  • Really enjoy when you do statistics and enumerations!! I also wish FAST were offered more often. Most clubs around here consider that it is quite a hassle because of the number of course builds.

  • I only use FAST when I want to give a dog more ring experience. I find it tricky to set up a flowy path in most set-ups so I usually don’t go farther than the NF title. T2B is more of a rush to compete in. Since only the fastest dog is going to win 1st place I tend to run less conservatively. One trial secretary I know even plays music during this class (unless the handler requests her not to) adding more fun. And I love the fact that there’s no table to make us stop!

  • Not surprising at all. FAST requires skills that normal courses do not and is a long drawn out class. T2B is an easier course than Masters with better flow and runs very quickly without all the levels.

  • I wish FAST were offered more often. If FAST were designed such that the “send” line was progressively further away for Open and Masters levels than for Novice, then course building would be MUCH quicker. And, if well done, there might be only one walk through for all three classes. And, if there are 3 send obstacles for Masters/Excellent and Open, one obstacle could simply “go away” for Novice. There has to be a way to offer FAST so that it won’t take as much time to build and run as is the case now.

  • I have entered both classes and see much more “worth” in the FAST class. I have just moved into Open in all classes and just have a hard time seeing my Novice/Open young dog compete in T2B against much more experienced dogs. Don’t really think it’s fair. Would REALLY like to see FAST in more trials.

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