May 8, 2019

Watch Jennifer Crank Win All Four Rounds at the AKC World Team Tryouts

The American Kennel Club held its World Team Tryouts on May 5th and 6th to select the teams that will represent the USA in September at the Agility World Championships. Tryouts consisted of 4 rounds, two standard and two jumpers. There were 88 dogs entered in the tryouts event over three height classes and three of the four team members per height where automatically selected based on the results of this event. (click to see all maps and results)

Bad Dog Agility Instructor and Podcast Co-Host Jennifer Crank competed with sheltie Swift, putting in one of the most dominating performances in tryouts history, winning all four rounds and earning her spot on the 2019 team that will compete in Turku, Finland.

Jennifer Crank and Swift competed at the Agility World Championship in Sweden in 2018 and won the silver individual medal in the medium height class. Jennifer is the only U.S. handler to have won 3 individual medals at this event.

Jennifer Crank and Swift’s Perfect Tryouts

Medium Course Maps

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