April 2015

Episode 98: The Importance of a Clear Start to Every Sequence thumbnail

Improve your training by taking the time to reset your dog properly after a mistake. Where's Nellie Where's Nellie is a new GPS dog locator system. Attach the beacon to your dog's collar and enjoy a year of battery life with no charging necessary. Plug the base into the wall or your car and track

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Episode 97: Improving Your Transitions During Training thumbnail

The bulk of your agility training time is spent in transition from one repetition to the next! In this podcast, we discuss the importance of this transition time and how short, rewarding transitions will help your agility training! Agility Right From the Start Our Previous Podcast: Episode 25: Secrets to Super Agility Performance – Part

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The 20 Foot Trap

The 20 Foot Trap thumbnail

In our last podcast, we discussed the subtle trap that a greater than expected distance poses to an experienced dog. We devised the following exercise to test whether or not our dogs were using an expected distance between obstacles to predict their path on course. In our training group, we ran this exercise with 2

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Episode 96: The Challenge of Transitioning to International Coursework thumbnail

In this podcast, we delve into the challenges and myths involved in transitioning a dog to European-style international coursework, including "demotivating" maneuvers, wrap versus rear cross confusion, bar knocking, and more. YOU can introduce the podcast! Our National Agility Championship Wrap-Up Podcast livestream of the Finals round (watch for rear vs wrap confusion at #10

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Athleticism and Bar Knocking

Athleticism and Bar Knocking thumbnail

In the slow motion videos below, my border collie Venture demonstrates a wrap at 26" while Brittany Schaezler's sheltie Trek takes a wrap at 14". Note how both dogs maneuver each individual leg to avoid knocking the bar down. Jumping requires concentration, coordination, strength and energy. If your dog is not properly conditioned, he may

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Episode 95: Interview with the 2015 26″ National Agility Champion Desiree Snelleman thumbnail

We've got Desiree Snelleman on the podcast to talk about her latest National Agility Championship win as well as her experiences at Crufts, FCI Worlds, IFCS and her life before dog agility! (photo by Howard Boyle) The 2015 AKC National Agility Championship. Team Handball! Desiree Snelleman's Coaching Website Donate to the IFCS Team! Watch the

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CKC Practice Sequences thumbnail

There are 4 weeks left before the American Kennel Club International Team Tryouts in Minnesota, so over the next months, we're going to share some of the handling that we're reviewing in preparation for the event. Esteban reverse engineered this jumpers course from a video taken at the Canadian Kennel Club tryouts that took place

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Episode 94: 2015 AKC National Agility Championship Wrap-Up thumbnail

We’re back from the 2015 AKC National Agility Championship and sharing our thoughts on the event, the courses, the results, and the livestream! The 2015 AKC National Agility Championship. Episode 92: 2015 AKC National Agility Championship Preview Episode 85: Have We Solved the Game of Agility? livestream with commentary of the Challenger round livestream with

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Why We Call a Backside a 270

Why We Call a Backside a 270 thumbnail

During our live commentary of the AKC National Agility Championship Challengers round, we often referred to jump #15 as a 270. This annoyed some listeners (and may have confused others). In this video, Sarah outlines how we arrived at this potentially confusing state of affairs.  

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