June 2019

Episode 224: Defining YOUR Success in Dog Agility thumbnail

In this episode (27:29) In this episode, Jennifer, Sarah and Esteban talk about success in the sport of dog agility: how do we define it and how do our perceptions of success influence our training and trialing? You Will Learn The difference between traditional and non-traditional definitions of success in agility. How to define your

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Episode 223: Summertime Dangers for the Agility Dog thumbnail

In this episode (35:19) Dr. Schaezler joins the BDA podcast to prepare you and your dog for the dangers of summer, 2019 edition. You will learn about the health impact of: acute water intoxication heat stroke drinking puddles drinking ocean water chlorinated and salt water pools hurricane prep microchipping encountering possums, raccoons, and cats snake

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Trial Review Tuesday 6/4/2019 thumbnail

Click on the video below to see the replay from our LIVE review on June 4, 2019. The full speed videos of the three selected runs are included below. The Videos for Review

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