AKC NAC Qualification Changes from 2013 to 2014

The AKC changed the qualifying requirements for entry into the 2014 National Agility Championship (NAC) from the previous year. First, let’s take a look at the difference in requirements.

2013: 6 QQs and 400 points.
2014: 4 QQs, 500 points, and 20 qualifying runs in standard and/or jumpers.

In the chart below, the first row shows the number of dogs who started the qualification period already running both jumpers AND standard in masters (and excluding performance dogs). This serves as an estimate for the pool of eligible dogs, to put the number of qualified dogs in context. Dogs who were in novice or open at the start of the period but eventually ended up in masters are not included in this number.

The second row shows the total number of dogs who qualified for the 2013 NAC (under the 2013 requirements).

The third row shows the total number of dogs who would have qualified for the 2013 NAC if the new 2014 requirements had been in effect.

 # of DogsAvg STD YPSAvg JWW YPS
Dogs that started the qualifying year in Masters for both STD and JWW64323.734.68
Dogs that qualified for the 2013 NAC28973.84.76
Dogs that would have qualified under the 2014 rules25233.854.81


There was a drop in the number of dogs who were eligible for the NAC, but for those dogs who qualified for the event, the average yards per second was slightly faster for both standard and jumpers.

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