Video Analysis

Utilizing the Coach’s Eye, we analyze dog agility videos with slow motion and on screen diagrams.

Teeter Drop Times

Teeter Drop Times thumbnail

How much time is your dog really losing if they don’t run to the end of the teeter? View the entire Facebook Live replay here.

BDA Small Space Exercise

BDA Small Space Exercise thumbnail

Try this four obstacle opening from an AKC premier course that gives you multiple dog paths and handling options! Esteban ran this exercise the week before this year’s AKC National Championship–and ran into a nearly identical opening in the Finals, where he took 3rd place with golden retriever Gitchi, just 0.76 seconds behind the winner

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Are You Making This Big Mistake on Your Backsides? (Facebook Live) thumbnail

In this episode, Sarah explains how watching your dog take off for a backside can “trap” you by that jump and make getting to the next part of the course more difficult. The video includes a small dog and large dog demonstration of 4 different backside sequences, and a slow motion side-by-side video that will

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Choice Analysis: 2016 AKC NAC Finals Jump #18 thumbnail

One of the key sequences from the 2016 AKC National Agility Championship finals course was the choice at the #18 jump. The majority of handlers chose to do a full wrap there, finishing the 18-19-20 line with dog on right. A few handlers took their dogs to the other wing of 18, finishing out with

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Side by Side: Hops vs Gitchi thumbnail

Bad Dog Agility sponsored athlete Sarah Baker and her border collie Hops capped off an outstanding weekend with their second straight AKC National Agility Championship win in the 20″ class, entering the finals as the top seed and besting 343 other dogs in the toughest 20″ field seen in several years. Bad Dog Agility’s Esteban

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Last Minute Premier Challenge Prep for NAC thumbnail

This post will include a very quick look at 2 challenges specific to the premier class: the forced layer and the run by. We’re heading to Tulsa tomorrow for the AKC National Agility Championship and I had a sudden panic attack that one or both of these challenges would appear in the warm up premier/ISC

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Retrieving and the Agility Dog

Retrieving and the Agility Dog thumbnail

In this video, Esteban highlights some key points in a retrieve and demonstrates how to combine it with start line work.

On the Job Training using Placement of Reward thumbnail

In our last podcast (Episode 119: Handling (Three Aspects of Agility Training Part 4)), we mentioned that after a handling mistake, we like to change the environment rather than our handling cues. By manipulating the the placement of reward, your dog can be successful while you preserve the consistency in your handling cues. In the

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CKC Practice Sequences

CKC Practice Sequences thumbnail

There are 4 weeks left before the American Kennel Club International Team Tryouts in Minnesota, so over the next months, we’re going to share some of the handling that we’re reviewing in preparation for the event. Esteban reverse engineered this jumpers course from a video taken at the Canadian Kennel Club tryouts that took place

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