Choice Analysis: 2016 AKC NAC Finals Jump #18

Obstacle #17 through the End of the 2016 AKC NAC Finals

Obstacle #17 through the End of the 2016 AKC NAC Finals

One of the key sequences from the 2016 AKC National Agility Championship finals course was the choice at the #18 jump. The majority of handlers chose to do a full wrap there, finishing the 18-19-20 line with dog on right. A few handlers took their dogs to the other wing of 18, finishing out with dog on left. Which way was faster? We selected  2 different sets of dogs for comparison that were similar in speed, at 20″ and 24″. If we can get a good comparison of  2 small dogs, we will add that video later. The finals time and the jumpers with weaves (JWW) yards per second for 2015 for each dog has been noted to give you an idea of the relative speed of the dogs involved.

Hops vs Gitchi at 20″

  • Sarah Baker and border collie Hops, Finals 33.31, Average JWW 6.17 (inside wing/wrap)
  • Esteban Fernandezlopez and golden retriever Gitchi, Finals 33.49, Average JWW 6.08 (outside wing/S-shape path)

Gromit vs Roo! at 24″

  • Maria Badamo and border collie Gromit, Finals 37.51, Average JWW 6.39 (inside wing/wrap)
  • Stacy Campbell and all-American Roo!, Finals 36.98, Average JWW 5.87 (outside wing/S-shape path)

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