March 22, 2016

Side by Side: Hops vs Gitchi

Bad Dog Agility sponsored athlete Sarah Baker and her border collie Hops capped off an outstanding weekend with their second straight AKC National Agility Championship win in the 20″ class, entering the finals as the top seed and besting 343 other dogs in the toughest 20″ field seen in several years. Bad Dog Agility’s Esteban Fernandezlopez and golden retriever Gitchi also had a great weekend, entering the finals as the third seed and putting in a great finals run but knocking the panel jump. Hops and Gitchi posted the two fastest times of all dogs in the finals, 33.31 and 33.49. Here’s the side by side comparison, at regular speed and then slow motion. Both dogs have running contacts.

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Trial Review Tuesday 4/9/2024
  • I love this comparison; seeing the running patterns, both dog and human, is extremely educatonal, let alone fun to watch! Thanks for posting. 🙂

    • Gitchi is 5 years old and 20.5″, Hops is 3 and between 20-20.5″. You’ll have to guess handler ages from the video.

    • My wife, Isabelle Arndt, who is 66 and runs with two artificial hips, ran our border collie, Legend, who is 4 years old and 20.25″, in the 20 inch finals this year.

  • Having watched the Finals from the bleachers in Tulsa, I have to say that your run with Gitchi was the highlight of the evening…the collective groan that went up from the crowd when the panel came down was truly heartfelt. To have run as fast and beautifully as you did is a feat to be very proud of, and on top of that, Gitchi isn’t even a herding breed! To know that Sarah & Hops were the only ones who were able to best you is mind-blowing! Truly stunning!!! Hooray for red Sporting dogs!

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