January 28, 2015

Geographic Distribution of AKC Shows in the U.S. for 2014

These charts show the number of AKC trial days offered in each state over the 2014 calendar year. Hover over a state to see the count for that state.

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State # Show Days
CA 356
TX 207
PA 183
FL 176
MI 157
WA 157
OH 155
IL 154
WI 150
NY 143
MN 125
MO 94
VA 89
CO 86
NJ 81
NC 74
NH 63
IN 62
MD 61
OR 61
TN 59
AZ 51
GA 50
CT 49
AK 44
IA 44
NM 42
AL 38
ID 36
LA 36
MT 33
KS 31
UT 30
OK 25
SC 24
MA 23
MS 21
NV 21
KY 19
HI 18
ND 17
NE 17
RI 14
AR 9
DE 9
VT 7
WV 6
WY 6
PR 5
ME 3
SD 3

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Trial Review Tuesday 4/9/2024

Trial Review Tuesday 4/9/2024
  • what is interesting, if you combine, WI,Il,MN, you have 429 trials, and most of those are now indoor trials, most in about a 4 hour or less drive from Milwaukee, then ad in MI, IN, which gives us 219 more for 648 trials within a couple hour drive more…again, most are indoor climate controlled…who would have thought this sport would have exploded this way from the 90’s of us crazy people driving 8 hours plus 6-8 times a year to attempt to hit a contact! amazing!!

  • I think it would be even more interesting to see the data by mileage … obviously TX and CA are huge states, so it makes sense that they would have more agility trials than a smaller state. Maybe someone could do a similar analysis except compare major cities and agility trials that are within 2 or 3 hour drive of those cities (ex: how many of the TX trials were within 2 hours driving distance of DFW?)

  • CA tops the list however its a 12 hour drive from one end to the other, so doesnt give a true picture.. Big plus is the weather makes trials available all year round.IMO people in smaller states travel interstate more frequently.say they Friends in WA usually travel 4 to 5 hours and stay in motels in order to compete.

  • If you are trying to identify hot spots it may be more revealing to see the results for each state in a per capita basis.

  • Unfortunately, there are only three Agility trials (all AKC) that take place in Arkansas each year. Sure wish we had more USDAA trials in this state.

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