January 29, 2015

Interactive Maps For All AKC Agility Trials in 2014

Our previous post “Geographic Distribution of AKC Shows in the U.S. for 2014” showed the geographic distribution of AKC agility trials by state. The two interactive maps below give you a more useful look at these trials.

Map #1: Here the actual geographic locations of the trials offered are mapped. This map is interactive, so if you hover over a dot, it will display the number of show days at that location for 2014.

Map #2: Here you can click on any location in Google maps (like your home city) and see how many trials days were available to you within a 100 mile radius for 2014.

click on the map to draw a circle

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    • You’re welcome! I thought they were interesting, but I didn’t realize how useful it would be if you have the opportunity to influence where you move!

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