March 8, 2023

March 8, 2023 Wednesday Wrap Up (should judges wear stripes?)

On Last Week’s Episode…
Eerie? Creepy? Amazing? People who wrote in shared a range of opinions and emotions about last week’s interview with ChatGPT. One reader asked for a course map of the training set up that ChatGPT suggested, so here it is:

Should Agility Judges Wear Stripes?
This blog article in Psychology Today points out that your dog’s emotional state may be affected by the pattern on your shirt. Apparently, dogs don’t like horizontal stripes.

This reminds me of my first golden retriever who ran her first ever course quite beautifully until she reached the panel jump, which had a psychedelic checkerboard pattern on it. The unusual pattern screams “leap over me to travel into the multiverse!” It took two more NQs before she finally overcame her fear of that panel, so based on my anecdotal experience, I think the authors have discovered something real here.

Pass the word to your judges and ring crew, no weird patterns that resembled poisonous or dangerous animals, please! On the other hand, add striped shirts to your “must socialize” list.

Essentials For Your New Puppy
Before you start socializing your puppy, you need to shop for your puppy. Jennifer and Sarah have you covered in this podcast, as they each share their “must have” items for a new puppy. A key item that didn’t exist with my first two generations of dogs is the Ho-lee Roller which can roll like a tennis ball (but without the crazy bounces) and yet function as a tug toy.

At least one listener took action after hearing the podcast.

Sorry about that Theresa, and I’m glad you blame Jennifer and not me!

Doggy Social Media
A reader sent this to me via Facebook, and I loved it so much, I’m sharing it with all of you. Spoiler alert: it’s about dogs and football.

Email me at with any questions or comments—I read them all!

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