MORE Handling Practice with Two Jumps

Here’s a second two jump exercise to test your handling and your dog’s jumping (click here for our original two jump exercise). The perpendicular jumps did result in a few more knocked bars initially as they created more sliced approaches, often with pressure. I ended up with a 9 obstacle sequence that uses only 2 jumps and about 30′ by 30′ of space.

Two Jump Workout

Two Jump Workout

While you could certainly handle this sequence as numbered in many ways, I constructed the following handling to test my dog’s understanding and ability to keep the bar up.

  • Decel Wrap – Front Cross #2
  • Backside Push (extreme slice) to Post Turn #3
  • Decel Wrap – Front Cross #4
  • Decel Wrap – Post Turn #5
  • Backside Push #6
  • Backside Push #7 to Front Cross
  • Jaakko #8

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