October 13, 2015

MORE Handling Practice with Two Jumps

Here’s a second two jump exercise to test your handling and your dog’s jumping (click here for our original two jump exercise). The perpendicular jumps did result in a few more knocked bars initially as they created more sliced approaches, often with pressure. I ended up with a 9 obstacle sequence that uses only 2 jumps and about 30′ by 30′ of space.

Two Jump Workout
Two Jump Workout

While you could certainly handle this sequence as numbered in many ways, I constructed the following handling to test my dog’s understanding and ability to keep the bar up.

  • Decel Wrap – Front Cross #2
  • Backside Push (extreme slice) to Post Turn #3
  • Decel Wrap – Front Cross #4
  • Decel Wrap – Post Turn #5
  • Backside Push #6
  • Backside Push #7 to Front Cross
  • Jaakko #8

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Trial Review Tuesday 4/9/2024

Trial Review Tuesday 4/9/2024
  • Thank you very much for these exercises. They are useful for those with little space. I notice that you bend your knees a lot and some trainers do keep telling people to bend the knees. Is there an alternative for people who can’t physically do this? Some people are saying that if they bend the knees they’ll never get up again.

  • Thank you so much for both these two jump excersises. I have bought a second ‘proper’ jump especially and if I do nothing else over the winter I’m going to work at this!

    I love your podcasts too – they have taught me SO much!

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