Timing of Agility Cues: Lisa Frick and Hoss

Great timing is an important part of any great dog agility performance. You can improve your timing by videotaping your competition and practice runs, and freezing the video at your dog’s take-off point. Once your dog is in the air, he is not able to change his path until he lands on the ground. So to get tight turns and maximum speed, your dog needs most of the information before he begins to jump, and the take-off point is the last chance for your dog to respond to  your cue in a timely way.

Watch this Coach’s Eye analysis of 3-time FCI world champion Lisa Frick and Hoss running the Individual Large Jumping at the 2012 FCI World Agility Championship. At every take-off point, Hoss knows exactly which obstacle or direction is next, and this allows him to run at full speed with excellent turns. Pay special attention to the timing of Lisa’s blind crosses.

Go back through your own videos and freeze frame at your dog’s take-off point. What does your dog see from you?

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