November 1, 2012

TipAssist Training Sneak Peek

Our golden retriever is a very soft dog and shows concern about movement. We’ve worked on Buja Boards and played the bang game. We are continuing to help her learn to work through her fears. She is very operant and loves food, but every new experience sets her back in her training.

When I first saw the TipAssist, I knew it was something that I wanted to try. After just a few sessions, I’d like to share Lexi’s progress. Using the TipAssist, treats, and a clicker, I was able to get Lexi confidently running up the stabilized seesaw.

I am sure we will take many steps backwards as I add movement, but I hope that over several sessions we can move forward and ultimately train a confident seesaw.

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  • You must have a strong back. I’m interested in the tip assist, but just don’t think I can lift my big terv girl off at the end repeatedly. Too bad.

  • Love where she is in session 4! 1.5 years later, how’s her teeter? I am doing remedial work on Dominic’s teeter — move value for the end of the board needed. I’ve been propping up the board with a jump bar wedged under!

    • For many reasons, agility turned out not the be the sport for her. She is very happy being a pet these days. However, we’ll be using the tip assist to help teach our two young ones over the next few months. We’ve done the same as you, propping up the end with whatever was at hand. But running big dogs (rotties in the past) makes that difficult and if it’s not very stable, it can actually make the dog MORE nervous. That’s why I love the tipassist.

      • Glad you like it, and that Goldie is happy being a pet. Potential blog topic — hard decision of when to stick it out and when to move on. I suspect that if one stays in this sport long enough that one will eventually have a dog with struggles and decide to move on.

        • I love the idea of a when-to-move-on post about your decision with Goldie. In addition to having a new, nontraditional agility dog, I’m thinking about my own post on when-to-move-on about myself. Life changes, eh?

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