Serpentines and Ketschkers: Analysis of Daisy Peel’s ISC Jumpers Run

In this video, U.S. national champion and 2012 AKC/FCI world team member Daisy Peel and Solar take first place in a well designed International-style jumpers course at the 2013 Rose City Classic in Portland, Oregon. Daisy and Solar, who finished 5th overall for individual large dogs at the FCI World Agility Championship in 2012, effectively use the serpentine and ketschker  maneuvers to create a great run.

Remember, when you’re analyzing your own videos, freeze frame at your dog’s take-off point and check your body position and motion. What cue are you giving your dog at that moment?

Rose City Classic ISC JWW Course Map (provided by Lisa Potts)

You can follow Daisy and her dogs at DaisyPeel.com.

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